Five Sex Toys Every Woman Should Have

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There are so many factors involved in being a strong, confident, badass woman. While we can naturally possess some and work on others, we sometimes need a little assistance with the others. The sure fire way to be the best you can be and simultaneously own a room is to own your sexuality. This doesn’t mean you have to wear it on your chest or dress scandalously, it just means you need to be confident in it. The only way to achieve maximum sexual confidence it to take it into your own hands and know it inside and out. Of course having it with others is nice too, but you have to start with yourself. The best way to really knowing yourself sexually and keeping yourself satisfied is with sex toys. Your hand can do the job, but why not have it 5x better?

These days 60% of women own a sex toy of some form, but do they own one of the 5 essential toys? Look in your sex drawer and see if it’s lacking any of these quintessential picks.

A Vibrator

Many think of the classic Rabbit Vibrator when they hear the word and it makes sense, because it has remained as one of the best selling vibrators of all time for over a decade. But you don’t have to get the standard ears, find something that twists and turns in all the right ways. Just make sure it’s made from body safe materials, such as medical grade silicone, metal, glass and hard plastic. Avoid jelly, PVC, vinyl or non-medical grade silicone or metal.

Vibrators are the easiest toy to turn to when you want finish fast, because you have them focus solely on whatever spot gets you going or you can target several if it comes with a clitoral attachment.

A G Spot Wand

G spot orgasms are much trickier to hit during sex. In fact, some women have never even achieved a G-spot orgasm, which is shame because they are great. Remove the partner requirement from the equation and get it yourself. A G Spot wand is designed specifically to hit, well, your G spot. They typically have a vibrating shaped egg on the end, which helps ignite your insides and unlock one powerful orgasm. If you’ve never experienced a G-spot orgasm before you should expect to feel like you’re going to pee. Just relax and ride it through. And as a bonus, you’re more likely to achieve one during sex once you’ve started to experience them.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Ball are great for solo and partner play and are as satisfying as they are beneficial. They come separated or strung together and are placed inside of the vagina. You can use them on your own to strengthen your PC muscles, which is great for you women who have had children or if you just want to tighten the inner walls of your vagina. By doing this you actually gain more control and can utilize the muscles during sex, which can make everything more pleasurable for you and your partner. You can also used the unstrung ones by yourself and rock yourself to orgasm. These are actually great to use during foreplay and sex, too. If you get the ones that are strung together, you can place them inside of you and have your partner play with you, remove them right as you reach your peak and you’ll surely explode. You can use the separated ones during sex, simply put in em and get going. You and your man will feel them rolling around inside of you with every thrust.


Lube is great for when you’re not physically ready to use a sex toy, but want to. It will help everything ease in slowly and simultaneously increase your pleasure. It’s also great for partner play. Stick to water-based lube because its safe to use with condoms and with sex toys.


Whether you wear it for yourself or someone else, lingerie is guaranteed to make you feel sexy and more confident. Wear it under your clothes to work and you’ll find that you stand taller and feel better about yourself. Wear it around your house when you’re doing chores or watching a movie and you’ll feel much more in tune with your sexuality. And of course.. wearing it for someone else is always an easy turn on.

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Did I forget something? What do you think should be on this list?

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