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fiction contest

Pretty big news released yesterday, right? In the not too distant future you can have The Indie Chicks in your hands, flipping through the pages of a magazine that really gets you. Want to hear something even cooler than that? There’s a chance that you could be in it! I was just deafened by the squeals of excitement heard through the Internet. To answer your burning question of, “HOW? How do I get my words printed in your special first edition print magazine, Jewels? Tell me!” Breathe, here it is, our fiction contest!

Be the very best fiction submission entered in our fiction contest and your short story will be published in the print version of The Indie Chicks. That sounds pretty amazing, right? We had such fantastic submissions for our first fiction contest that we decided to do another with even higher stakes. The winner’s badges for your site are great but seeing your name in the author field of a printed magazine edition is pretty badass. That’s the kind of badass fiction contests that we run here at The Indie Chicks.

In order to give you ample time to perfect your submission, for us to read them, and to pick a winner, we are starting our fiction contest right now! All information regarding the fiction contest is below. If you have any questions about it contact me at [email protected].

Essentials For Our Fiction Contest


It may have been wrong but I don’t regret a thing.


All submissions for the fiction contest must be in to Julie by September 21st at 11pm EST.


  • All submissions are to be 1,200 words or less.
  • If you need to take an extra sentence to wrap up that is fine but going over in excess will disqualify you from being considered. These entries will not be read and no response email will be sent.
  • There will be no working edits for this fiction contest. The one single winner will be in our first ever special edition print magazine and as such needs to be a caliber fitting of that honor.
  • You must have correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.
  • All genres are welcome but please keep in mind that we will not publish anything with excessive violence or graphic sexual nature.
  • All submissions must be original and previously unpublished.

How To Submit To Our Fiction Contest

Email them to [email protected] once you have all the requirements below met.

  • The first page of your document should include your name and contact information. Please do not put this in the email but rather in the actual document.
    • Information should include the following:
      • The name you would like to be published under
      • Blog name and link
      • Short 2-3 sentence bio (no links)

We are gearing our print edition towards empowering your inner badass so keep that in mind as you write  your submission for the fiction contest. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us with our somewhat naughty and fun prompt. 



Straight from The Indie Chicks company to our readers, just like we like it. When we have something to say as a group, this is how we do it. Enjoy, badasses.


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