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Youngman Brown

Michael R. Young aka Youngman Brown is a 27-year old poker player-turned writer who makes his home over at Youngman Brown.When he is not writing about how much he hates Nicolas Cage and Katherine Heigl, he is experiencing life to the fullest... from the comfort of his couch. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, in an effort to find a message in a bottle or a treasure map. Either one will suffice.

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“She’s a fuckin’ bitch, that one.”

He said.

To me.

His daughter.

As I left the room.

After bringing him his beer.

He said it.

Before I had even.

Left the room.


He said it.

To an empty room.

It was just me.

And him.

It’s just been.

Him and me.

For a very long time.

I looked back.

To see.

His eyes.

To see.

If they were looking.

At me.

Because if they were.

It would mean.

Bad stuff.

For me.

Later on.

He was just watching the TV.

With a remote.

In his hand.

His grubby hand.

That sometimes grabbed.


There’s a gun.

It’s upstairs.

Where I’m not supposed to go.

In the closet.

Next to the shoebox –

The one with photos.

Of me.

And Cousin Sarah.

And some videotapes.

I know that I’m not allowed.

To go in there.

Daddy told me.

That if I went in there.

“There’d be hell to pay.”

I don’t want to pay hell.

But I keep thinking.

About the gun.

Just sitting there.

And I think.

I’m supposed to.

Use it.

I just.

Don’t know.

If I’m supposed to.

Use it.

On him.

Or on.


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  • Kianwi

    Mike, I’ve said a hundred times that you are an amazing writer, and that is true. But you are also a brave writer, as shown by this piece, and some of the other works of fiction you’ve done. This piece wounded me and made me feel things I didn’t want to, and it’s hard to know what else to even say about it, other than that it was exceptional.

  • WilyGuy

    Wow dude, this is crazy good! I was almost put off by the short lines, but I almost got it metered into a song, but we know I don’t sing…maybe a linkin park rap?


  • Brett Minor (@brettminor)

    Amazing. I don’t even know what to say.

  • Jewels

    I’ve read this and read this. I have been sitting with it for a while now and I still don’t know exactly how to comment. It’s so raw and so vivid as you read. I can almost see her, hear her, and man do you feel her pain and confusion. Another amazing piece, Mike.

  • Chiz

    Hot damn, Youngman! That was an interesting piece to say the least. The writing style really emphasizes the confusion and the panic. You, sir, are going places. Alright, I’m going to scroll back up and read it again, now.

  • Kat

    I think Kianwi said it best: brilliant AND brave–not just for the subject matter but for the style of prose in which you chose to do the the story. Bravo, Mike.

  • Claudia N

    Wow. Really nice piece – very touching and thought provoking.

  • Bryan Jones

    Interesting stuff Youngman. The short one-liners really capture the confusion of an abused child. Very powerful, and resonates the more you read it.

  • Daniel Nest

    Another excellent piece, Mr. YB! Love the pacing created by short bits of thought as they flash through her mind. Bravo!

  • Ashley

    At first, I was a bit put off by the short lines, but as I read, it really came together. It serves its purpose in developing an emotion that can more easily be grasped by the readers. This topic is definitely not an easy one, and you handled it with care. Great depiction, leaving a sense of sadness and confusion behind.