Marlowe and Me

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Jane’s house. New York. Summer. Night. Marlowe and me.

I’m with the one I’m suppose to be with. We talk. I’m addicted to the faces she makes.

Stormy weather and white wine. Champagne. A table in the back so it’s somewhat silent.

She tells me, “you have excessive needs.”

I tell her, “that dress would look better on my floor.”

She smiles.

I’ve been faded too long. She knows, doesn’t care. She knows most nights I see the sunrise. She wants to know who I’ll be in five years.

I’m staring at something — there’s a painting on the wall I didn’t see when we sat down – I’d only been looking at her. Her smile teaches me the importance of visual pleasure, which up until then I hadn’t really thought about. She also dresses in a way that’s terribly stylish. It makes me want to listen to her. We were separated by that champagne.

She toasts, “I really don’t want to sound conceited – but, you and I should share stories.” I laugh because I feel the same.

I hate when people say they feel me…


Blackwell uses his talents to write these stories and Mr. Smith lends his smokey voice to the mix and you have a stunning pairing we are thrilled to be bringing you here at The Indie Chicks. You will be seeing more of them if we have anything to say about it. You can reach them at the following places.

Blackwell – Blackwell is a protagonist.

Mr. Smith – Voice Over artist, writer, film maker. Imagine Malcolm X and Rihanna had a baby.

Twitter: @MrSmith_1986
Instagram: MrSmith_1986

For Blackwell:
instagram: blackwellcooper

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