Feed Your Inner Goddess

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Written by Veronica

Life is full of things and events that we have to do. If you are like most people, you devote most of your time doing what you have to do, versus doing what you want to do. There’s a chance that you’ve allowed your life, career, and family to take over the life and you’ve neglected your You time, and you feel mentally and emotionally drained. Now is a better time than any to take a breather and feed your inner goddess.

Don’t get hung up on the lexicon here. I use the word goddess in place of power. It’s a fair assessment that you are an inspired person with dreams and aspirations that will land you amongst the stars.

When was the last time you hit the pause button in order to recharge and reinvigorate your soul?

Seek Inspiration

I’ve always said that it’s the easiest thing to inspire someone, and it’s even easier to discourage them. Don’t allow the voice your hear from the naysayers break down your ambition. Even if it means taking some time for yourself in order to feed your soul with inspirational magazines, books, and audio, by all means, take that break.

The Daily Om is a place I always run to for refuge when I feel drained. The spiritually lifting daily passages as well as horoscopes are invigorating and are like a burst of love from the Universe.

Become One with Nature

The majesty of nature is renewing. Try what I’ve done a few times. Go out by a lake or beach and simply look around. Nature will have her way of reigniting your inspiration. There’s something undeniably beautiful about holding space and observing an environment that functions smoothly without you.

Watch the ebb and flow of the water. Feel the wind in your hair and on your skin. Observe how nature unabashedly grows beauty in the unlikeliest of places, and remember that you are a part of it.

Praise Others

I don’t think that people are reminded enough how powerful they are. You are capable of achieving far beyond the realm of what you’ve experienced. What I mean is, you get to write your own story, you just have to believe that voice that tells you to go for it.  Build relationships with people you strongly resonate with, even if they are far away.

If you love that book you’re reading, open up that email and send the author a message telling him or her how much they’ve changed your life! If you’re obsessed with something – a restaurant, boutique, record store, incense shop… Drop the owner or manager a line telling them how much their work has meant to you.

Chances are, you’re drawn to those items, words, or spaces because you’ve felt the energy infused into it by its founder. Maybe their work has just made you happier and left an impression on you.

No matter what the reason, never hesitate to give credit. People appreciate it when they are told that their work is meaningful, and chances are, they’ll want to improve the experience for you and everyone else because you’ve inspired them to.

Surround Yourself with Power

When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you enable yourself to live out the audacious ambition that you were placed on this earth to achieve. If you are a chef, you’re most likely to know other chefs. Writers have the tendency to intermingle with writers, and so on.

You attract that type of person you are, and I mean this in levels beyond achievement and career choices. There’s no way you’re surrounded by enthusiastic, happy people if you’re pissed off all the time.

Take inventory of the people who have immediate access to you. If they are movers and shakers and motivate you to become better, that’s power. If you aren’t made to feel empowered by those who surround you, that’s your inner goddess begging for stimulation and a power jolt.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek out people who have lived out and enhanced their power potential. You’ll feel more powerful for it.

Do Good Deeds

I’ve always suggested to people who have low or dwindling self-esteem that they can raise their emotional immunity by helping others.

Without expecting anything in return, your inner goddess craves to be of service to people you come into contact with. She can’t help it. She gets high off your utilization of your energy to benefit others. It’s what you were born to do.

I am by no means suggesting you become a people pleaser. I’m suggesting that doing something good for someone who may or may not be in the position to reciprocate not only feels good, it’ll feel necessary once you do it often enough.

Allow yourself the indulgence of going beyond your daily routine. Shake it up and give yourself reasons to feel powerful and share your inspiration. Try giving your soul high quality time you’ve given everyone else. You’ll feel like a new person for doing so.

What do YOU do to feed your inner goddess?


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

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