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Written by Theressa

As a fledgling entrepreneur it’s hard to maintain focus when you’re so damn eager and determined to take that cushy seat as CEO of your own entrepreneurial empire. I hear ya!

You’re dying to turn that idea into a business but there’s so many “new” things you have to get your head around to take that next, seemingly small step. Often, the fastest way to get there is to enlist or invest in the help of an expert for those things that simply take up too much real estate in your head or take far too long to implement on your own.

The one thing you’re likely unaware of is that each investment holds the potential to throw your dreams and your bank balance into the red by way of the TFAR TAX.

Theressa, what the hell is the TFAR TAX?

Ok, so I completely dreamed that name up but it’s very fitting and I encourage you to share this post so more people are aware of this sneaky tax. Its common name is: Taken For A Ride (a.k.a ripped off) TAX.

Unfortunately, most if not all, industries have one and as a Web Designer I’ve been seized to help clean up the results of this tax one too many times.

The guy’s (and girls) responsible for imposing this tax are simply opportunists who overprice and under deliver, if they deliver at all. They lay in wait to take advantage of any of the following traits you might display:

  1. You’re vague about the scope of work you need done.
  2. You don’t know enough to know any better.
  3. You’re dangerously desperate for a resolution.
  4. Or all of the above.

How it Usually Works:

You need to enlist the help of an expert. It could be that:

  • You need to get a website up for this killer business idea you have.
  • You need some swanky copy written for your website that can’t progress to the next stage without it.
  • You got a flat tire on the morning of a “very important meeting” that could potentially give you the boost in business you need as a fledgling. So you need to find a tire fitter to fix it like yesterday!
  • Last night you celebrated landing that “very important deal” with an excess of bubbles and some of your girlfriends (you should always celebrate any win as an entrepreneur). Now it’s midday, you’ve got a massive hangover and desperately need to find a cleaner to fix the mess before your landlord shows up in roughly 2 hours to inspect their beloved property.
  • You’ve decided it’s time to take on a Virtual Assistant to manage the administration tasks you’ve come to despise as you’re almost chained to your computer these days not to mention you simply don’t have the bandwidth to figure out how to use a spreadsheet.

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