The Indie Chicks

Embracing Individuality in Fashion


By Kathleen Cerrer

We’ve all heard of the so called “fashion do’s and don’ts” and can admit to our own fashion faux pas at one point or another (some of us, more than we’d like to admit!) But do you ever ask yourself, who made these rules and who says we must conform by them? We’re all badass women and men who walk to the beat of our own drums, so why not make this count style wise?

fashion, individuality, embrace fashion, fashion, The Indie ChicksI have always believed fashion is a way to freely express yourself through clothing, accessories, hair, make-up etc. But if we’re putting so much effort into fitting in by blindly following trends to be “in fashion”, doesn’t this defeat the purpose of dressing to express? Why hide your creativity, when you have so much to offer?  Basically, wear what you want, when you want to to.


Expressing your individuality to the world takes more than just clothes, it comes from within. Self- acceptance and self worth are at the root of being confident enough to express yourself with no limitations. The moment we stop comparing ourselves to others, and striving to be something we are not, is the moment we stand out in our own unique way. Loving ourselves first unconditionally while recognizing and accepting our flaws and all, is the way to style success!

Finding your style is a constant work in progress. Maybe you’ve found your look, or maybe your like me and like to experiment with a plethora of looks depending on your mood. Whatever your current state is when it comes to style is perfectly OK. As long as your content with how you feel and look, thats all that really matters. Confidence is your best accessory (or outfit), because without it, the most chic, put together outfit will fall flat. So stand tall, and own it!

BE BOLDERfashion, embrace fashion, individuality,

I’ve always been one to add some edge to my style, and have that drive to break the boundaries. Whether it be wearing dark lipstick out of season, or creating my own clothes;  I’m constantly embracing individualism, especially when it comes to style. As a writer and style blogger, I feel that it’s extremely important to maintain your identity amongst the thousands of bloggers out there. I’m naturally drawn to anything different or abstract. What some might call “weird”, I call interesting. I’ve had my share of style phases and am continually discovering new looks that are right for me. So find whats right for you and go with it! Fashion is fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Living your life on your own terms, creating your own rules, and doing your own thing is one of the most refreshing things one can do. So go ahead and wear those crazy prints if it makes you happy, dye your hair five different colors of the rainbow, or run wild in that dress that you were too afraid to wear out. Don’t be afraid to be audacious and take risks in life and in fashion. Trust me it’s revitalizing!

One of my favorite quotes is, “People will stare, make it worth their while” -Harry Winston, ain’t that the truth!