Why You Don’t Need Halloween To Recreate Yourself

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We’ve all seen the girls who use Halloween as an excuse to go crazy and we’ve probably all rolled our eyes at her. You know the one. The girl who dresses slutty, who uses a face mask to flirt a little more than normal, or a draping costume to boost confidence her body image issues won’t allow any other time of the year. We feel safer under a disguise, able to ‘blame’ our actions on a character’s traits rather than our own.

“It’s not my fault, I was a slutty nurse at the time.” Is just a glorified way of saying, “that wasn’t be talking, it was the booze.” Well, I call bullshit. Here is why any IC badass doesn’t need Halloween to adopt a personality trait.

Sex Kitten

It’s cliché but we all know it is true; the librarian turns into a slutty librarian, the preschool teacher into a ruler-spanking teacher, and the nurse into a sex position prescribing naughty vixen. Halloween comes and people let their sexual walls down with their costume choices. Even the tamest women allow themselves to get into the spirit and really vamp it up. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Halloween: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there is NO reason you shouldn’t embrace your sexy year round. We are all sexual beings and whether you just want to flirt, are involved in something forbidden, want something casual or want to get really naughty it shouldn’t have to wait until October 31st to have your needs met.

You have our permission to unleash your inner goddess and go after what you need. It’s not selfish to have your sexual side satisfied, it’s not wrong to want something that is “naughty”, and so long as you are conscious of the repercussions and feelings of others involved then have at it, girlie! In a relationship? Talk about what you want to explore, your sexual desires and fantasies and work on making a few come true. Single and ready to hit the sheets with some dark and mysterious stranger? Hey girl, safety first and then the rest is all gravy!

Geeking Out

So what if you love science fiction, anime, and gaming? Hell, the best women do. You don’t have to wait until Halloween to be Sailor Moon, Katniss, or Laura Croft. What are you afraid of; that men will think less of you for liking those things, see you as ‘one of the guys’ and not feminine enough? You couldn’t be more wrong-they love it. As for what other women will think, well they may not enjoy the same things but if they judge you, screw ‘em. There is nothing to be ashamed of just because you like something that isn’t a CW show about catty women.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Halloween: Geeks are the new jock! Everyone loves them, everyone is coming out of the ‘geek closet’ and they’ve never been more in. Own it! I don’t know anyone without something they are ‘geeky’ over, some quirk or unique love that makes them who they are. I wouldn’t mess with you; geek is the new cool. Embrace your geek, girl, cause you’re the only one who thinks it is a problem.

Princess Perfect

There is something a tad pathetic about grown women in Princess dress. I just went to Disney for their Halloween festivities and witnessed a lot of grown women in full blown Princess gowns, even one mom who had two hands lifting her dress and not holding her child’s hand in huge pressing crowds of people. When you’re more interested in being a picture perfect Princess than your child’s safety that’s a huge issue. Perfect Princess, the “ideal”, everything ends with a happily ever after, and there’s always a guy there to save you. Oh honey, wake up.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait For Halloween: While being a Princess isn’t realistic it is okay to want to be happy, the real kind of happy that doesn’t fade and comes from within. You should feel adored, looked up to, and beautiful but all of those things start with you so do the work on you first. There are plenty of articles and tips on working towards a better you at The Indie Chicks so browse through them. When you are the best version of yourself you will get those looks of admiration and the happiness that glows from within. The birds may not make your bed and mice won’t mend dresses for you but being a Princess is about being self-assured and leading a life you always dreamed of and that you can have.

At the end of the day there is no characteristic that you can adopt for Halloween in a mask, costume, or makeup that you can’t incorporate into your daily life if you want to. It’s never too late to change, to add a personality trait or skill. So don’t wait for Halloween to be the person you want to be, start today.

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie is Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of The Indie Chicks. She's working on publishing her first book, a collection of short stories, and writing a young adult novel series. Other loves include whiskey, the Flyers, and anything LOTR, Harry Potter, or Young Adult Lit. Don't be shy about following her on Instagram or emailing her to discuss contributing to The Indie Chicks.

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  1. Such a great message! It’s true. People shouldn’t feel like they have to hide behind masks to explore sides of their personality that they may feel insecure about. Be who you are all the time because that is the best YOU possible.

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