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Halloween is right around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I am a tad strapped for cash. This doesn’t mean that I’m any less excited about the holiday or less into decorating. I’ll admit that while craft I rarely think outside to box enough to decorate with anything other than store-bought items. Thank goodness for Pinterest because now I don’t have to be the one to think outside the box to benefit from great ideas.

I’m going to share some of my favorite money-saving, DIY projects that I’ve found on Pinterest for the holidays. My hope is that you’ll try them, I know that I am going to, and let us know what you think. Also, don’t be shy about clicking through the pictures to the original posts and letting them know how you found them.

Halloween Village

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The picture for this one really grabbed me. I mean, how great does this spooky village look? The steps are simple, too. Grab some cheap as heck Christmas houses at the dollar store, complete with creepy plastic people (I suppose army guys would suffice too), and some black spray paint and get going. Be sure that you are outside (spray paint fumes are no joke) and coat the lame Christmas houses with black paint. The same can be done for the little people (though the post suggests covering their faces with play dough so you can still see their expressions-great tip). Afterward, you can add highlights of orange, purple, or glitter paint onto the buildings to add some dimension and BAM…a great Halloween village!

I also love how it is displayed, on the varying height candlesticks to add visual height. Great effect. Personally, I can see these in a window with a string of plain white Christmas lights to illuminate them. Maybe you have a breakfront of other indoor surfaces that needs some spooking up, they’d look great there as well.

Pick Your Poison

DIY, crafts, The Indie Chicks, Halloween, potions,Who doesn’t love a spooky apothecary look? Halloween is all about witches, potions, and poisons and this craft is perfect for bringing that look to your home in an affordable manner. If you are doing the cheap Halloween village, you can use the very same black matte spray paint (hello money saver) to spray paint your empty bottles and jars. Don’t go out and get any, but the next time you empty a container in your refrigerator  pantry or liquor cabinet, wash it and set it aside for craft day. Don’t have any empties? Pour yourself a drink or check expiration dates and I’m sure you can come up with a couple.

Before you start painting take some regular printer paper and soak it in a pan with tea infused water then set it out to dry. This will give it an aged look perfect for potion labels. After it is dry be inventive about the shapes you cut it out in before labeling it with black, green, or purple marker and adhering it to your now dry black matte bottles. Instant potions! You can’t tell me these won’t look perfect right next to your drinks, on your bathroom sink, or other surfaces at your next Halloween party? You can’t because they would be!

Get the Kids Involved

DIY, Halloween, The Indie Chicks, crafts DIY crafts aren’t just for parents, there are plenty of great craft ideas that the kids can join in on as well. Your main purchases will be glow sticks (there is next to nothing you can’t do with them), white balloons, glitter, and a black light if you’re feeling fancy. Insert a glow stick into a blown up white balloon and then use a sharpie to draw eyes and a mouth on it. Instant glow in the dark ghost balloon! Insert spider rings and fake bugs into a mason jar, fill with water and a glow stick and you have a mad scientist’s lab.

If you want something a little more feminine you can get a “fairie in a jar” effect by cutting open a glow stick and emptying the contents into a mason jar and adding glitter to it before sealing it well. For another fun and easy craft you can take an old frame, remove the glass, and weave some yarn in a webs pattern through it. Adding glitter and spider rings add to this easy craft and can be stored for use next year.

For the Brave

DIY, crafts, Halloween, The Indie Chicks, I don’t know that I have the time or the patience for a project like this, but I couldn’t love this one more! These chicken wire ghost like bodies floating across your lawn would be absolutely stunning. Add some glow in the dark paint, some white twinkle lights twined through them, or a fog machine and it’d would be an absolutely epic look. The site where we found this has some other great suggestions so check them out, too,

What are your favorite projects?

Be sure to follow our Pinterest boards for more Halloween crafts we love as the big day gets closer and closer (not to mention all the other cool shit we have going on there). If you have any great Halloween pins you want us to see, tag us in the description with #TheIndieChicks so we can see it. We will like and repin our favorites! Let’s all get spooky.

For more great DIY, Halloween decorations check out my list for 2013!

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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  1. I’m not too crafty, but I used to go all out for Halloween, without spending much. Once hung sticks from the porch Blair Witch style. Also, old Barbie doll heads in flower vase with water is particularly creepy, Leaves in old pants and shoes make for nice body parts, especially hanging out of a trash can. Spaghetti sauce around a larger dolls head is nice, too. Damn, I’m weird.

    1. OOOOHHHH…floating Baribie heads! That is SUPER creepy. Love that idea! 😀 Thanks for adding your tips. I used to LOVE stuffing old clothes with leaves with my mother as a kid. Homemade scarecrows on the porch are the greatest.

    1. I’m so glad you liked the post. I adore being crafty. My Pinterest board “Crafty Jewels” is dedicated to all things artistic and creative. Check it out. I’ll be sure to keep more posts like this coming in the DIY section. 😀

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