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DIY Halloween Decorations You Have To Try

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Pinterest is a woman’s best friend around the holiday time. Need a centerpiece? Don’t worry; Pinterest can help you. Want a quick craft project to keep your kids busy? Well, Pinterest can help you there as well. One of the times that I love playing around on Pinterest the most is around Halloween time. Halloween is one of the holidays that I really love decorating for and Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas. Last year I had a blast doing a piece just like this so today I’m going to share my DIY Halloween decorations you have to try.

DIY Halloween Decorations: The Kids Can Help

Maybe you have a clan of your own or you’ve got your niece/nephew for the weekend and have to keep them busy. Either way there’s no easier way to keep kids busy than with a craft project. My DIY Halloween decorations you have to try include some that are kid friendly (but can be fun for adults as well).

Spooky Lighting

DIY Halloween Decorations, Pinterest, Halloween These jars not only look cool but they’re a great craft project for the kids (or a girls night). As DIY Halloween decorations go this one is easy as pie, just grab a mason jar, some paint, and a sharpie. Now, the people in this article use tissue paper to mod podge it but I like the paint method best. Paint the inside (you’ll have to layer because if you do it too thickly it just drips to the bottom of the jar) and once it’s coated well enough you use your trusted sharpie (this is a job for the adults unless you’re really brave) and draw on the monster faces. Add a flameless candle and you’ve got a great look to line your steps or light up your windows.

Crime Scene

c2fb4ecbe308d8a0129ef2848b7d2bb9Some DIY Halloween decorations scream, “How did you not think of this?” This one did just that for me. It’s freaky, it’s fun, and the kids would love making it. Grab some butcher paper, or the rolls that come with every single kid’s easel, and throw it down on the ground. Grease up the kid’s feet and let them run amuck on the paper. The splatter drops are a nice touch and can be done by kids with a squeeze or spray bottle, or you can let them flick with a paintbrush.

Want to get together with the gals and do a craft project? You can still do this one! Grab a pair of old heels or go barefoot and do the very same! The handprints and splatters on the door are totally optional. This is a very customizable DIY Halloween decoration project.

Egg Sacks DIY Halloween decorations go this one creeps me out most of all. Heck, it straight up grosses me out which means that they are fantastic for Halloween!

You can make these by filling white stockings/tights with cotton batting and a foam egg. Take some smaller spiders and place them inside the legging (between cotton and legging) to mimic baby spiders inside the sac and then larger ones are glued around the outside. Get creative; maybe some of your babies are already breaking out and flying away like Scarlett’s Web and hanging from fishing line around the porch. Any way  you look at it these will have people ducking to get onto your porch and make them think twice about whether or not they really want your candy.

Fairy Houses

Halloween, decorations, DIY Halloween decorations, fairy, I may not have kids but I’m a kid at heart and I stinking love fairies. Give me a spunky little chick with wings sprinkling fairy dust all over, or a badass fae in a YA novel and I’m hooked. That’s why when I saw this pumpkin turned into a fairy abode I was 100% in.

Give yourself a break on the jack-o-lantern contest on your block and do something completely different. Is it just me or do you see a Rivendell type fairy scape with pumpkins like this in flower beds, around tree trunks, or lining your walk? Add some twinkling lights in your tree and some jars with fairy dust in them along the way and you’ve got a haven no fairy could resist. When it comes to DIY Halloween decorations this is my favorite of the year and my number 1 must try.

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