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Are Crazy Women Forcing Men to Marry?


Recently I was talking to a guy friend of mine who is about to get married and, like always, I wasn’t pulling any punches. I flat out asked him why he was getting married if there were fundamental issues in his relationship that already had him looking outside his relationship. Luckily he is used to my candid speech and didn’t get offended by the question. His answer didn’t shock me—though I wish it had.

I’m Tired of Crazy Women

This was his answer: “I’m tired of crazy women!”

“Every girl I dated prior to my fiancé was insane,” he admitted. “The thought of dating again horrifies me.”

I sat with that a second and then finally spoke, “So you are getting married to a woman you know you will cheat on because you don’t want to date crazy women again?”

“Yup,” came his clear and concise answer.

“What makes you call them crazy women?” I asked with genuine interest.

“Jewels, you don’t realize how different you are from the average woman out there dating right now. They are needy as shit. If I don’t answer a text or phone call immediately they freak out on me. You know that doesn’t work with me. Everything had to move so fast with them.” My friend is an emergency personnel worker, so when calls come in, he has to respond.

I ended that part of the conversation with a very simple statement that I hope hit home: “You know that mistresses are straight up psycho … Right?”

“Not all,” he said with a knowing laugh and that was the end of that conversation.

He’s Not Alone

The sad part of this conversation is that he’s not the first or only man I know who has done the exact same thing. I’ve had men admit to me they got married only because they were tired of crazy women, dating, and drama. They love their wife, don’t get me wrong, but they have no problem telling me that there are fatal flaws in the relationship. Not just simple flaws but ones that have them looking elsewhere for either emotional or physical comfort. All of this is still preferable to dealing with crazy women and dating again.

I’ve written before about the issues I take with women who behave ridiculously. I’ve addressed the crazy women, stalkers, and over-texters who just don’t know when to call it quits. I will never understand why they think behaving like a rabbit-boiling-psycho will endear them to the object of their affection. More over, if the roles were reversed they’d be calling the cops terrified that they were being stalked by a crazy guy. What makes them think they are exempt from the same laws that govern a person’s right to be left alone and not harassed?

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