When we launched our online magazine we knew exactly what would set us apart from others: our determination to build a community for our readers and contributors, and to always remain accessible to them no matter how busy we got. That is how we started years ago and it’s how feel today as well. From day one we opened our magazine’s doors to writers who wanted to share their stories and voices, and that hasn’t changed either.

We love helping our readers lead fulfilled lives and a part of that is sharing our wisdom with one another. Our online magazine offers a safe place for women to share their opinions, thoughts, fears, and dreams. We proudly support our blogging community and love giving them a place to showcase their writing.

Guest writing for The Indie Chicks a great way to improve your own blog’s ranking and gain exposure, but it’s just plain fun as well! If your blog and voice vibes with our magazine, we would love to talk to you about contributing.

Email us and in the subject line please write “I Want to Write for the Indie Chicks!”. In the email, please provide a pitch for your article. We do not accept previously published content and will not read already written articles.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure your article is right for our readers and we’d hate to see you spend time writing something that we won’t be able to publish. Another reason for providing a pitch first is because sometimes there is another article like it already scheduled on the editorial calendar. So go ahead and pitch your idea. We’ll probably love it.

You will get a response from our Senior Editor, Julie as soon as possible. The best way to ensure a response is to have your name and email address IN the article. We get a lot of submissions and a Word doc with no name is hard to give feedback on if your email gets buried in an inbox. If you don’t receive a response SEND A FOLLOW UP! (Hello, sometimes your mail can fall into spam!)

And check out our guest posting guidelines here before you do anything. There are more details there that you need to know.

*see below for print contributing information*

How can I write for the print magazine?

If you’re interested in writing for our print publication contact us with”Print Writing Inquiry” in the subject line. Please attach your writing samples or include your blog link and social media links in the email. You will get an email response as soon as possible. As we stated before–If you don’t receive a response SEND A FOLLOW UP!