When we launched our online magazine we knew exactly what would set us apart from others: our determination to build a community for our readers and contributors, and to always remain accessible to them no matter how busy we got. That is how we started years ago and it’s how feel today as well. From day one we opened our magazine’s doors to writers who wanted to share their stories and voices, and that hasn’t changed either.

We love helping our readers lead fulfilled lives and a part of that is sharing our wisdom with one another. Our online magazine offers a safe place for women to share their opinions, thoughts, fears, and dreams. We proudly support our blogging community and love giving them a place to showcase their writing.

Guest writing for The Indie Chicks a great way to improve your own blog’s ranking and gain exposure, but it’s just plain fun as well! If your blog and voice vibes with our magazine, we would love to talk to you about contributing.

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