Clean St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

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This St. Patrick’s Day, we at The Indie Chicks have decided to forgo the traditional celebratory alcoholic beverages in keeping up with our Indie Bombshell 12 Week Makeover Series. We’re keeping it lean and clean, ladies! Here are some of our favorite juicy St. Patrick’s Day Drinks. Enjoy!

You’ll need a juicer for these. The ingredients listed are to be blended in a juice and vegetable extractor.

The Dancing Leprechaun

leprechaun brew

Parsley cleanses the blood while cucumber is an anti-inflammatory. The green apples are for pure deliciousness.

1 cup parsley
2 green apples
1 large cucumber

Lucky Charms

This glass of cleansing goodness will make your body feel so good, you’ll want to get up and dance the jig.

1 apple
1 mango (use only the flesh)
1 lime
½ cup coconut water

The Glass of Gold

High in vitamins and antioxidants, this golden juice is meant to leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and clear-headed. Pot O Gold

1 ½ cups pineapple
1 inch ginger, peeled
1 lemon
1 carrot

Clover Juice

This interesting blend cleanses the body of metals and packs tons of vitamins and antioxidants.

1 cup cilantro
3 carrots
1 cup spinach
½ inch ginger, peeled
2 green apples




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