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How to Look Badass at the Beach

With Memorial Day Weekend now under our belts, it’s time to start thinking swimwear.  Although there are tons of articles and styles guides floating around out there, they all seem to focus on the same thing–choosing the “best” swimwear styles…

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Brazilian Debate

There are so many things about Brazil that I love. The Brazilian Wax – not one of them! Don’t get me wrong, I get them. I just don’t like them! At many a “round table discussion” (a.k.a.: dinner or drinks…


Closet Makeover

Spring cleaning is my most dreaded part of Spring, well that an allergies, but I digress. One of the most daunting or tasks is the closet clean out. It’s a necessary evil but one that I normally put off until…

Hottest Makeup Trends for Spring

Alright, ladies, you know that I’ve gone makeup crazy now that I have an excuse to buy all new makeup! I’m in love with YouTube and tutorials for doing makeup. I’m 32 and just officially falling in love with makeup….