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Readers Answer: Will I Ever Be Good Enough

“Not a day goes by that I don’t have to fight back doubt or wish I was better. Whether I’m comparing myself to my over achieving brothers, or I’m weighing myself (sometimes literally) against my friends there is no end…


Readers Help! He’s Talking to Online Strippers

I recently found some conversations with my boyfriend of 3 years and an online stripper. I went through his history when I started suspect something. I found everything. He asks for photos and says they’re beautiful. He lied to me…


Readers, Help! He’s Ignoring My Birthday

I am turning 21 soon and it happens to be during a music festival in Chicago- Lollapalooza. My boyfriend’s cousins are coming from out of state and are going to this festival. Whenever his cousins come, I usually become invisible….


Readers Help! Am I Being Shallow

“Need the Indie Chick’s advice right now. I’m really confused. I met this guy and he’s awesome — we clicked so fast, and we get along so great. He’s attractive and I feel potential chemistry between us. The only issue is…

I cheated on my bf

Readers, Help! I Cheated

“Recently I caved in to an office flirtationship and cheated on my boyfriend with a co-worker. I thought that we could forget about it but that’s not an option anymore. Turns out my co-worker has a big mouth and people…