Brazilian Butt Lift Reviewed: Week 2

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Ok ladies so week we’re on to week 2 of the Brazilian Butt Lift program and let me tell you this makes week 1 look like a walk in the park! I’ve felt my muscles tone and reshape already and for me I need to see some kind of improvement to keep my motivation going!

Week 2

While the focus is always on your Bum Bum (FYI that’s the Brazilian word for Butt) Leonardo’s thrown in some kick ass abs and total body routines as well. I was sweating like a Tijuana hooker while lifting weights and kicking my legs, dancing around my living room. I’m sure if my neighbors could see me they’d think I was having a seizure, I have little to no coordination.

Here’s the plus side, while it’s definitely a workout I don’t feel like I’m working, I feel like I’m dancing and when those times come and I feel like I want to quit I repeat to myself bikini’s, bikini’s, bikini’s!! Hey we’re doing this life changing routines for a reason right!

Week 2 has been more difficult for two reasons 1: your adding weights (which come with the package when your order the DVD’s) adding this resistance is crucial to toning and reshaping so personally I was pleased to take it up a notch! Number 2 you only get ONE break this week!! So be prepared to feel it everyday after you finish. Personally I love to feel the ache of my muscles after a workout, that’s how I know I’m doing something.

I had my boyfriend take a picture of my bum bum week one, which I’m sure he was really pleased about and I’ll do another week 4.. hopefully seeing some difference and if I’m brave enough I will post it for all you to see. Maybe I’ll be your inspiration to get your bum bum’s toned and ready for summer!!!

Let’s see what Week 3 brings!!

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