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The Indie Chicks is an online magazine for passionate, ambitious women craving inspiration, motivation and a community of like-minded individuals. We focus on self-empowerment and on embracing one's inner badass. We're fun, we're smart and we're ambitious. We're your new favorite community, baby.
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It’s the first Friday of the month and that means that it’s Blog Carnival time! Welcome to 2014, now let’s link up, read some amazing blog posts, and get you some traffic.

Submit your favorite post this week and discover new bloggers while you’re here. We encourage everyone to click on everyone else’s blog posts and leave comment love. This is how you grow your blog, ladies and gentlemen: by meeting new bloggers, engaging, and building real relationships.


Submissions will run every Friday until Sunday 8pm EST, once a week. We will review every submission before it goes live.

No spam
No sales pages
No product reviews
No duplicates
One entry per blog each week

We’ll tweak the series depending on what we see work for you little badasses. Have a kick ass weekend! Got questions? Add them in the comment box below or email us.

This Week’s Blog Carnival Entries

The Pleasure of Finishing by Habits of Thought- This is a post about goals.

Where is the Line Drawn by Stuphblog- Do you have a responsibility to warn people about someone who has wronged you in the past?

Lessons by Chaos and Words- Discussing some of the life lessons I have learned along the way.

What Really Matters by Courage Love Intensity- This is a blog post about not sweating over the shitty day, cheating ex, how you look in that FB photo… but more so it’s about focusing on what really matters.

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