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Be Friendly and Look Hot Doing It: Cruelty Free Makeup

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Inspired by Kat and her stunning articles on makeup for the tomboy and the woman who wants to glam it up a bit, I took to twitter to rave about her pieces. What resulted was a twitter conversation with a friend about how I adore MAC makeup, am totally addicted, and own more than I can ever wear. We were agreeing when a third person chimed in to ruin our fun. We were informed that MAC tested on animals. I was shocked and horrified. I’d made sure, long ago, that MAC was cruelty free and hadn’t realized it changed.

Not long ago, in 2012, Avon and Este Lauder was revealed as companies that do in fact test or benefit from testing on animals. MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Clinique are all ‘children’ of Este Lauder and have followed suit to do the same. I am not a “save the world” or “join this cause” kind of woman, but I do try and do my part when and where I can. What I found when I started researching didn’t really surprise me. Which is to say that I found was confusing as all get out.

It seems that cruelty free can mean that while the final product was not tested on animals the individual chemical components were. It could also mean that testing was done outside of the US (for example China) where laws are less severe and therefore not deemed “cruel”. This apparently happens more often than we think. What’s more, most companies that now are “cruelty free” are so only because they use methods already tested and proven safe by other companies who did use animal testing. There seems to be a TON of ways for companies to get around admitting that they test on animals and it all seems very sneaky and backhanded.

All that political craziness aside what I’m getting at is that it would behoove you as a kick ass chick to look amazing and be as animal friendly as possible while doing it. Am I telling you to throw away all your already purchased products? No, of course not, I’m way too frugal to do that. I am however suggesting that in the future you take into account the beautiful animals out there that are bred just to be tortured for your mascara and nail polish.

There are plenty of amazing indie makeup, fragrance, and beauty product shops out there that offer organic and cruelty free options. If you’re like me (read lazy and poor) and you can’t afford boutique products there are other options. Each website varies on who they deem to be cruelty free. After checking with a couple reliable links here and here I found a couple companies who remain cruelty free: Almay, Burt’s Bees, OPI, Revlon, The Body Shop and Urban Decay ( Damn, shame) are some of the more popular brands who remain cruelty free and do not test on animals.

Knowledge is power and in no way am I telling you that what you are buying isn’t okay but if this is an injustice you’d like to know more about and not financially support then I recommend educating yourself about the issue. I am no expert, I’m just starting to research this issue, but I’m glad that I have.

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