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My last article, A Tomboy’s Guide to Makeup, was all about how to wear makeup that is simple and natural looking, and in true Kat fashion, I’m going to do a complete 180 now and talk about three bold looks for your eyes that every daring chick needs to try at least once. These are dramatic looks that you can wear and will make a statement of “I’m bold and daring”, not “I’m a bloody mental case.”

Black and White Eye Makeup

The contrast of black and white eye makeup is incredibly dramatic and very flattering when done correctly. Start with a white pencil eyeliner and line the area on the inside of your bottom eyelid which is called your waterline, and the line the inside corner of your top lid. Some makeup artists will then tell you to use a white eyeshadow on your top lid, but I prefer to use a silver. The sparkle in silver makes it light enough to still give you the contrast that we are going for but without the stark, clownish quality of white. Then, take a black liner and trace the lash line of both your top and bottom lids, but skip the inside corners of your eyes. Finish off with two coats of mascara on your lashes. I love this look because it combines the alert look that white eyeliner gives your eyes with the definition of black eyeliner.

Paper Eyelashes

In 2010, Paperself, a company in London known for its avant-garde us of paper, created a line of incredibly detailed (and incredibly fucking brilliant) paper eyelashes featuring butterflies, deer, peacock tails and peach blossoms. The lashes come in a strip that can be trimmed to fit the entire length of your lid, or cut into little snippets and applied to just the corner of your eye. For a really dramatic look, the lashes can be applied to the corner of your bottom lid as well. Before attaching your paper lashes, apply a healthy line of black eyeliner. (Sidenote–I didn’t do this in the header picture because I was lazy and I had a fuckton of writing I needed to move on to.) Paper lashes are a little tricky to line up, and this way you don’t have to worry if you don’t get them exactly against your lash line. Also, when you wear your paper lashes though, don’t use your normal black or brown mascara on your own lashes because they will mask the amazing details in the paper. Instead use clear mascara and apply it before putting on your paper lashes. The clear mascara will give your lashes a nice shine while separating and curling them so that you still get additional length but can see the paper lashes behind your own.

Purple Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

I chose to specifically name purple because it’s one colour that enhances every eye colour, but any bright colour that you fancy will do. Like all eyeliner, you want to apply this in a thin line at the base of your eyelashes. If you’re feeling bolder, then make the line thicker and end with a “cat eye flick” at the corner of your eye. If you want to be super bold, then apply a line under your bottom lashes as well. The most important thing to remember if you line your bottom lid, too, though is to never, ever apply metallic liner to your water line. Liquid liner should never be applied there in the first place because it will run into your eye and irritate the hell out of it, but it’s particularly important to keep a safe distance with metallic liner because you do not want the metallic elements in your eye. This is also one of those times that you want to spend the extra quid and get a quality product because the cheaper metallic liners do not have pigment saturation to get that bright, jeweled look.

These are not necessarily looks that you will want to sport every day, but who doesn’t like to try something different with their makeup every once in a while? Be bold, be daring and have fun with it!

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