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About Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara got her start in the blogosphere by dishing out reality slaps on her dating and relationship blog. The brutal honesty that became her signature tone earned her the badass reputation she needed to get The Indie Chicks magazine up and running. She is also a web designer and author of The 9 Mirages of Love. Driven, stubborn, and wildly ambitious, she won’t stop until she is the perfect, self-empowered role model for all of her readers.

8 Things Every Badass Should Know How to Do

There are plenty of household fixes and random stain removing tips and tricks that come in handy in the every day life of a badass. Most of these little solutions can be found with the click of a mouse or…


3 Things Love Yourself Does NOT Mean

Love yourself for who you are. Accept yourself. Be yourself. Ah, the love is everywhere. Positivity vibrates as feel good magazines, sappy romantic comedies, and over bearing (but still sweet) parents try to instill this novel idea that is supposed…


Texting Etiquette – An Educated Rant

Listen, I get it. Emoticons, hashtags and ‘LOL’ didn’t exist when we were learning to convey emotion in our essay papers in junior high. But, that is no reason to sound like a douche in your messages. I’ve decided to…


9 Reasons Men Love a Badass Chick

Let’s not kid ourselves: a big part of our lives is dedicated to being attractive to the opposite sex.  While many of us have unique qualities that draw men in, there’s something to be said about the irresistible charm of a badass…

signs im a slut

24 Signs I’m a Slut – A Response

A Forced Disclaimer: I have no problem with bro-vice, playboys who make a living off of coaching boys with low self-esteem, or general online dude-hubs where guys flock on a late Friday night to celebrate masculinity, the return of the…


Craving to Be Dominated

Your hand is on the door handle, shaking, and you’re about to enter the apartment. He left it unlocked to make you believe you had a choice in the matter, but deep down, you know what will happen once you…