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It was around the time I started working for The Indie Chicks that Kat really brought to my attention the plight of animals in cosmetic testing. I immediately started taking steps to be cruelty free in my beauty products. I stopped purchasing my favorites (oh MAC how I miss you) and started to research cruelty free companies. I cringed doing it because I figured cruelty free would equal expensive products. Taking the extra measures to remain cruelty free certainly would mean that they’d have to spend more and therefore charge more, right?

We already know that cruelty free is easy for companies to accomplish, the technology and techniques are there for them to use without testing, so the cost actually doesn’t have to change at all! I was happily surprised to see a lot of affordable products on the market and I’m here to share them with you! I’ll give reviews on some of the companies I know and use and inform you of others I know about. This is NOT an all inclusive list but you can find that Leaping Bunny. I know that some people frown upon using the shopping guide from PETA because it’s not as strict in it’s standards for cruelty free, but I do shop using it so I’m going to reference that as well.

Get Wild!

First off, remember that brand you bought out when you were 13? Well, it’s back, baby! Wet & Wild is cruelty free and actually has some great products. I’m a bit addicted to their gel liner and their eye shadow palettes. They have a bit more sparkle in them than I like but toned down with other matte shadows or for a night look they are pretty great. I’m not as big a fan of their liquid liner but that’s a personal preference. You can get all their products (including 8 shade shadows and mascara) for under $5!

Long Time Love

I’ve been a long time fan of Milani nail polish, long before I realized they were cruelty free. They dry quick and cover in one coat, you can’t beat it. They are super affordable as is the rest of their makeup. The products are super pigmented and I’ve got no complaints about them.

Doctor’s Orders

Physicians Formula is another cruelty free brand that you can get at your local drug store. Their shadows have a little more fall out than I prefer but their bronzer, BB cream, and eye liners are all aces in my book. These products can get upwards of $18 but look out for sales and you can get a decent deal.

NYX, cruelty free, cruelty free cosmetics, cosmetics, be cruelty freeColor For Days

Nyx is hyper pigmented and affordable in a way that’s almost ridiculous. Gone are the days when cheap in cost meant cheap in quality! Nyx is a great cruelty free brand that you can find at some drug stores but also at shops like Ulta. Their shadows, brow kit, and lip-glosses are great! I’m sure the rest of their products are as well. Check them out if you are looking for a color rich look for less that is nice to bunnies.

For The Bees

Burt’s Bees isn’t just for chap stick anymore! Now they have an entire line of face, lotion, acne treatment, lip products, and face washes. All natural ingredients and their kind treatment of of animals makes them a great beauty product company.

E.L.F.: love those little guys

E.L.F. stands for eyes, lips, face and can be found at Target (or their website). These products are SO dirt cheap it’s insane. While maybe not the highest quality can you really beat eye liner for $1? I think not. This cruelty free brand has some real winner products like their brush collections,  concealer palettes for $3, bronzer palette or $1 lip pencils that are matte and very pigmented. You may get a bit more shimmer and fallout than other brands but for a beginner (young niece) or for brushes and basics you can’t beat this company.

I Want Candy

Hard Candy is another super affordable cruelty free cosmetic company that you can purchase at Walmart. The cost is low and the products are decent. Don’t be swayed by the cheap perfumes that fade quickly, their beauty products are a justifiable option to affordable cruelty free beauty products.

There are a LOT more products out there that are cruelty free for you to purchase. The point is that with a little bit of research you can find fantastic and affordable cruelty fre products. Take a look at the shopping guides for Leaping Bunny and PETA and look for the bunny on the products. When you shop cruelty free you are supporting companies dedicated to the kind treatment of animals and you can feel good about wearing your makeup knowing no animals were harmed. Enjoy shopping cruelty free and be sure to sign the Be Cruelty-Free Pledge!

These products not high end enough for you? No worries, the high end companies are coming a little later this week! What’s your favorite affordable cruelty free company?

To see our list of Top 20 products we LOVE all under $5 (and ALL cruelty free) you’ll have to get our special print edition magazine. 😉 

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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    1. I tried their BB cream and liked the coverage even though I got the wrong color (totally my fault). I also liked their bronzer and eyeliners. I’m new to cruelty free products so discovering which I like has been really fun.

  1. Awesome article! I use elf for my powder and eyeliner. I was skeptical at first because of the price but have found the powder doesn’t bother my skin (no breakouts and a wonderful, clear glow). The eyeliner also stays on all day which is perfection in my book.

    1. I just got a HUGE haul of ELF. I got their matte lipstick pencils, come bonzer, highlighter, eyeliner pens, brushes (love animal friendly brushes). I’m excited to start trying it and learn what I like best.

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