Accept Nothing but the Best

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You are too important to ever settle. 

Read that again…go ahead…I’ll wait. Let it sink in for a minute. You deserve the best in all aspects of your life. This isn’t to say you won’t have to work to get it, but please know that you deserve it. Don’t go getting lazy, it won’t be easy. Things won’t be perfect, nothing ever is, but it can be a whole lot better. The message here is: accept nothing but the best!

Accept Nothing but the Best in Your Education

This doesn’t have to mean that you are in college, graduate programs, or even self-teaching yourself. What this means is that you grow, you learn, and you absorb every day. If there is something you want to know, find out. If there’s something you’ve been dying to do, use the resources at hand and do it. You can and should learn about everything that excites you. There should never be a time in life when a fulfilled person isn’t striving to know something new.

You can use Google, online classes, continuing education, YouTube, or online tutorials to further your knowledge of the world around you. If you don’t know where to go to find what you need, Google it, ask us, and don’t stop until you have figured it out.

Accept Nothing but the Best in Your Career

Not every job is a dream job but then again, there’s a big difference between a job and a career. You can work a crap job while you pursue a career you are passionate about. It’s not too late to have the career you always wanted! Unhappy at your 9-5? You’re not alone. It’s okay to look for a new one.

I’m not saying to quit your job without a plan for income until your passion pays off. For some it might be but for most this is way too risky. I am saying that you can still go after your dream job even while you work one that is paying the bills. This takes hard work and dedication but in order to accept nothing, but the best you put your all into something. Spend every ounce of extra time and energy on your passion, let it kill you, and it will pay off eventually.

Accept Nothing but the Best in Love

The thought of settling in love makes my entire being hurt. I was close once to settling down with a guy who didn’t excite me or challenge me. I could have stayed with him and been safe, stable, and even loved, but I would have been miserable without the passion I craved. Don’t play it safe in love. Don’t worry about the heartache that may result. Don’t worry about the things other people think you should have in a partner. Date outside your “norm”. That guy that has been on the sidelines, constant and supportive…give him a shot. Dare to fall for the guy who defies all logic.

I cannot stress enough that love is what makes this world go round. Well, love, coffee, and badass determination, but still, love. Don’t waste a single minute loving the wrong person because you don’t want to let other people down, hurt feelings, or admit you made a mistake. You deserve the love, understanding, and passion you’ve always dreamed was out there. This doesn’t mean leaving the one you are with…it could mean reigniting fires or discussing your needs. No matter what it takes…find or create the love you always wished for.

Accept Nothing but the Best in Personal Relationships

We are social animals that build connections to those we come into contact with, so our relationships with them are highly valued. We can avoid a lot of people but our family and friends are rarely among them. Interactions with these people are tantamount to our happiness and emotional well being. So, what do you do when you aren’t getting what you need from the people closest to you?

It’s hard to change lifelong patterns but change will never come if you don’t start somewhere. Accept nothing less than the best treatment from those around you. Demand respect, stop the underhanded comments, and refuse to participate in relationships that tear down instead of build up. Let everyone know your expectations, avoid emotional vampires, and get the winds of change blowing with your words and actions. You can do this! You deserve to be understood, supported, and rejuvenated by those closest to you.

Accept Nothing but the Best from Yourself

Yes, I’m asking that you demand more of yourself. None of the points before this will matter if you don’t pay attention to this one. Nobody will respect your request for the best from them if you aren’t being your best possible self for yourself and them. Give what you hope to receive. Be the best you possible. I’m not saying be perfect, I’m saying be better.

I want you to fall into bed and think, “I did the best I could with the time I was given today.” A part of being the best you possible is acknowledging the bad days. It’s okay to say, “I fucked up today, but tomorrow I’m doing to do better”. Hell, I say that more times than I’d like to admit but acknowledging it keeps me from thinking that less than my best is okay. Less than my best is never okay for me and it shouldn’t be for you either.

Have you ever found yourself accepting less than the best?

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