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9 Reasons Men Love a Badass Chick

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Written by Chiara Mazzucco

Let’s not kid ourselves: a big part of our lives is dedicated to being attractive to the opposite sex.  While many of us have unique qualities that draw men in, there’s something to be said about the irresistible charm of a badass chick.  What makes men love a badass chick?

Here Are Just 9 Reasons Men Love a Badass Chick

1. A Badass Chick Is Confident

This quality is the reason #’s 2-8 exist – if you’re not confident, you can’t be a badass. Confidence has the power to save you from a shitty situation and to collect everything you deserve in life, rather than watching others collect it for themselves. Being a doormat gets you no closer to badass chickhood than it does a generally happy life.

Another reason men love a confident chick is because with confidence comes the lack of jealousy and lack of drama. A badass chick can’t be bothered with exes and female coworkers – she knows she’s better. 

2. A Badass Chick Is Good in Bed

Yup, I said it. Do you have any idea how awesome your inner sex kitten is? Why are you hiding her in fear of a love handle being noticed or the general fear that your moves won’t please your partner? The universal truth is there are few things you can do to turn a man off – one of those few things is being insecure. A confident chick is a sexy chick; a chick men fantasize about being with. So, get to dancing in lingerie after a steamy hot shower to the beat of your favorite song. Let your inner sex kitten loose, baby.

3. Other Men Want Her

You know who she is; she walks into a bar and all the guys instantly drop their jaws in response. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what she looks like, men respond to competition (it’s an evolutionary thing) so when they see other men want something, they automatically want it, too.

4. A Badass Chick Stands Out

Much like the previous idea, men like a challenge.  If your face (and name) blur into the masses, where’s the fun in trying to conquer? When you’re confident, you have the strength to not only define yourself, but to also stand strong at your post. We are all beautiful and unique and it is precisely those qualities that draw the opposite sex.

So unless you’re aiming for a guy who fantasizes about doing plain Jane over and over and over again, standing out of the crowd is a sure way to get noticed.

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Founder and CEO at The Indie Chicks, Inc.
Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc.
Published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, web and graphic designer, and single mom to three cats and a baby.
Chiara Mazzucco