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It is time for another chapter of Jon Hanson’s recently released book 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse by Jon Hanson.  It’s a tongue in cheek bucket list style book about the things you only wish you could do in your real life, but are frowned on by society’s rules.  But if the Apocalypse is coming…  why the hell not? Enjoy his take on being a thrill seeker! 

I know people who have gone skydiving.  I know people who have been white water rafting.  I know people who have bungee jumped off a bridge hundreds of feet above other people rafting down a white water river.  But myself, I’ve done none of these things.  Am I a lesser person for not accomplishing any of these fantastic, thrilling achievements?  I don’t think so.  A chicken, maybe, but not a lesser person.

Though I have never done any of these things I still have a clear picture of what they are like, because people who have done those daring things love to talk about doing those daring things.  It’s an unwritten rule that if you have gone skydiving you need to relay that story to everyone you know, and even people you don’t know.  As someone who hasn’t done any of those things, it’s seems that half the thrill of doing something few people get to do comes from telling the story to all your friends.  This gave me an idea.  Just because doing those crazy things doesn’t interest me, why should I miss out on the fun of bragging about them?  And neither should you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something you have always wanted to do, or just something you’ve always wanted to be able to say you did.  As long as you have a good story.  With the world coming to an end soon, we could all use a good story.

If you are somewhat active you could get away with telling people you went white water rafting.  But if you’re a lazy guy who spends every weekend lying around, with the only running you do between the couch and the bathroom, you are not going to suddenly convince people you hiked the Grand Canyon.  Or went rock climbing.  Have enough sense to start with something believable.  Maybe you had a hole in one last weekend on the golf course.  Even a fat, out of shape guy can luck his way into a hole in one.

If you throw out a story that seems believable and people bite, be sure to have some details too, or you’ll quickly come across looking like a liar and they’ll never believe you again.  And if you’re successful start working on your next story about the time you went deep sea fishing or that time you played darts with Tom Selleck and Tony Danza in Las Vegas.  Hey, we all have our dreams.


Jon Hanson

With a lifetime of making people laugh under his belt, Jon Hanson knows funny. He has written a slew of unpublished short stories, screenplays and even attempted a TV pilot or two. When not writing or telling jokes that make his friends spit milk out of their noses, he works in sports marketing. His past careers have also included promoting the music industry and working as a radio DJ. He lives in Minnesota and only mildly hates the winters. His new book, 101 Things To Do Before The Apocalypse can be found on Amazon.

  1. No need for thanks, we are thrilled to have you. I’ll admit that the only thing on that list I’ve done (unless you count a hole in one at mini golf…and I DO) is white water raft. It was pretty amazing…so when the world is about to end I’ll be sure to re-tell that one A LOT. 😉

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