5 Tips To Voice Your Opinion The Right Way

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Voicing your opinion is a must in this world. You can’t just float through without sharing how you feel and what you believe. I’ve adopted an “honesty is best” policy in my life that has served me well. Actually, I should say that it has served me well, mostly. You see, there are times when I’m slightly too honest.

Too honest, you ask? There is a very fine line between voicing an opinion and being downright hurtful towards somebody. For the most part I walk the line well but there are times when I stagger to one side and feelings get hurt. Such is the risk you run when you have little to no filter on your mouth.Since I had to learn the hard way, I can help you voice your opinion without alienating those around you.

Voice Your Opinion Tip 1: Assess the Situation

Take a moment to see what is going on around you and what the people around you are going through. If your friend is in tears over a breakup, now may not be the time to tell her that you always hated her ex (even if you did). If somebody is getting riled up over gun control and you’re hand is twitching to show him or her your permit to carry, hold off a second. Assess the level of emotion going on and decide if now is the time to voice your opinion.

I’m not saying to bite your tongue and never tell them how they made you feel, or what you think of the situation, but use some discretion about when to drop the bomb. Take into account the emotional state of those you are about to be honest with and exhibit a little control. When emotions are running high with one party, it’s probably best to wait for a more level headed time.

Voice Your Opinion Tip 2: Know Your Place

Not everyone wants to hear your opinion. Sometimes it’s necessary to voice it even when it isn’t asked for, but most times you want to make sure the person welcomes your thoughts on the matter. A discussion on the latest new artist is a lot different than offering your opinion on somebody’s most recent family drama. Sometimes it is better to just listen and keep it zipped up.

If you are casual acquaintances with somebody, it’s probably best not to mention that their husband is a raging tool. If your childhood friend starts acting like Lindsay Lohan on a binge, then step in whether she wants to hear it or not.

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