4 Things to Say to Yourself at the Gym

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I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes, I need a cheerleader when I’m exercising. The adrenaline gets going, my skin feels on fire and my body feels like I’ve got Wonderwoman’s blood running through my veins. My body feels in delicious chaos, but I feel my brain telling me to slow down or even worse, stop. This is when the 4 things to say to yourself at the gym comes in. These mini-mantras will help you push through.

Oh, No You Didn’t

As in, Oh, no you didn’t just get off your ass just so you could give up! The most dedicated athlete knows that some days, Getting going is half the battle. I know that personally, putting on my running shoes or unrolling my yoga mat feels more like a chore than a reward. At around miles 6, my body generally begins letting me know I’m pushing it.

A few months ago, it began feeling that way at around mile .5.

It Didn’t Get Easier; I’m Getting Better

I’ve often  heard people claim that when they work out, they stop because it gets unbearable, but the question I always follow their declaration of difficulty is this. How do you expect to reach your goals? It doesn’t get any easier at all. You get better. People want easy results. Eat this, strap this on, Crash diet. No. Put in the work, and you’ll reap the benefits.

HIIT It Then Strength

In order to effectively burn fat and become tone, a combination of  cardio, such as High Intensity Interval Training, running, or zumba and weight training to follow or alternate during days of the week is necessary. Contrary to popular belief, weight training won’t make you look big and bulky. Firstly, our bodies don’t generate enough testosterone for us to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger if we do strength training. There are different types of strength training in the form of yoga, kettlebells, etc. Pick something you have potential to be good at, which will always make the activity more fun.

I’ll Stop When I’m Finished

This is so important. Not only is it essential to achieving your fitness goals, it’ll teach you to finish strong in other aspects of your life. Push yourself enough to make the time you take to do work count. It’s so important that you don’t quit when you’re tired (unless, of course, you feel like you’re going to faint, or have a medical condition that makes exercising difficult). Be done when you’re finished. No one else can create a healthier you, which is why you began exercising in the first place.

Because exercise is 99% mental, we have the amazing ability to push ourselves beyond our perceived limits. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, so go hard. Push your body to its limits. Allow yourself to feel strong and powerful; that’s what it was built for. You won’t get anywhere by sitting comfortably and hoping for change.


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

  1. Again, you hit the nail on the head. I went through a period of time not too long ago where I would only push myself to do the minimal work out. I was tired and grumpy and couldn’t get out of the mindset that I wasn’t going to acheive my goal. I had to work myself up to get going again, and not allowing my negativity to get the best of me helped tremendously. My inner cheerleader is happy her positivity is helping me get to where I want to be.

  2. I found myself totally pissed off in the gym parking lot as I had a hard time parking because it was so flooded with resoluters who will only be around for about two more weeks. Then I thought I wish I could get them to adopt my philosophy on working out. It is not optional. I have to eat, my kid needs to eat, I have to work, I have to sleep, I have to work out!!! It would be nice to see the parking lot full year round. A healthier you is a less bitchier you or at least that’s how I roll.

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