The Freedom in Flexible dieting

For as long as I can remember, dating back to my teens I have been on a diet of some sort. In my experience with diets, while there are many, many different kinds, they all boiled down to one theme: Restrictions. Diets are usually a long list of things you can’t eat and if the diet allows, you can only eat on a scheduled “cheat meal.”

For me, there were only 2 choices: Be on a diet and be miserable or not be on a diet and be miserable with guilt.

When I started lifting, I quickly discovered that restrictions weren’t going to work. Unlike the days where I did random bouts of cardio and could restrict my calories to what a toddler should eat daily, I was always hungry. I knew I needed to fuel my body and support my workouts if I truly wanted to be at peace with my body.

Enter flexible dieting. My world was officially flipped around as I discovered all the myths, lies and propaganda I had been told, basically to sell products. Carbs aren’t evil, fat is necessary, and restrictions weren’t. I learned what true moderation was. As I became more experienced counting macros, I began to see more and more progress. I learned to tweak them according to my goals. I learned how to enjoy my favorite foods without binging or feeling deprived. In a nutshell, it was glorious.

Being able to eat what I liked allowed me to focus more on my performance in the gym, rather than focusing on food. It allowed me the chance to fall in love with being strong. Of course, in all this my body changed for the better, even though I mostly walk around wearing cute gym clothes now!  Flexible dieting helped me find a level of self-love and self-confidence I never thought possible, and for that I will always be grateful.

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