15 BadAss Woman Bloggers (plus non-bloggers) I Met at @BlogHer


Three weeks ago, I attended BlogHer 2012 (a conference I was obviously super excited about judging from the theatrical piece I wrote before attending) I had an incredible time. Not only did I learn a lot, but the energy was magnetic; euphoria was inevitable. I met a wonderful group of women who blogged about everything from style to politics. Some blogged from a farm, others blogged from their corner office. Women of all ages were gathered and united by their passion and love of blogging.

Instead of writing about the cabs that crashed into one another in front of the Hilton lobby, or how instead of walking 1 block north to my destination, I walked 3 blocks south, 2 blocks east, 4 blocks north and 2 blocks west… I’ve decided to do a mega round up of interesting women I met on my journey. Please, check out their blogs – we’re hoping you’ll see a few guest post on The Indie Chicks

15 Bloggers You Need to Check Out

  1. Susie Andersonwww.wearenotmartha.com One look at their blog and you’ll drool your way to the kitchen.  (This girl was so freaking adorable, I just WANTED to be friends with her)
  2. Megan Wittling www.bestoffates.com Her intro is “My name’s Megan. I once dreamed of becoming a jewel thief. Now I blog” (If that doesn’t tempt you into a click, I don’t know what will)
  3. Mary McCarthywww.pajamasandcoffee.com Tag line? Funny Shit from Around the Internet (She was really, really funny when I met her – a breath of hilarious fresh air)
  4. Stacey Hoffer Wecksteinwww.evolvingstacey.com Stacey was the first woman I met at the conference. To say she was friendly and sweet would simply be an understatement. She also has a social media website, inspiringsocialmedia.com.
  5. Jenn Foreacrewww.jenn.nu – Html, css and SEO? Hello, you brilliant woman! Can we PLEASE have you help us with our new Blogging and social media section?!
  6. Ivy Hodgewww.littlewomanlittlehome.com – Once this girl opened her mouth and started telling her story, I was hooked. This is a personal blog, but still definitely worth the click.
  7. Chelsea Andrewswww.thepapermama.com – First of all, follow her on Instagram. I met her at the Martha Stewart keynote, even though we spent most of the time listening to the interview, her side comments had me laughing out loud.
  8. Jess Downeywww.jessdowney.com – I met Jess at a private party for Single Media Edition. You can’t help but want to start (and keep) a conversation flowing with this girl. Intelligent, witty, and all-around-will-you-just-be-my-friend kind of gal.
  9. Samantha Engwww.samanthaeng.com – I also met Samantha at the party. I would really, really, really, love for her to come write for us. Come on, everyone, let’s beg!
  10. Erica Diamondwww.womenonthefence.com – First of all, their tag line is “Real Inspiration for the Modern Woman”. How could I not be drawn to her? She’s an author, a speaker, and an entrepreneur. I’m going to try and get her on here as a featured spotlight. LOVE the content on her blog.
  11. Trisha Sotowww.cheekyattitude.com  – Eats and crafts, everything a lady needs. You can never have enough recipes! She was really, really, sweet when I met her in the ballroom.
  12. Miss Megswww.glamoroushustle.com – This girl was absolutely awesome. She came to talk to me when I was standing alone, sipping on a Blue Moon, admiring everyone else interacting. Keep Calm and Hustle Glamorously? Yes please.
  13. Heather Hetchlerwww.cafesmom.com – Loved Heather. Smom is a noble woman who cares for and nurtures her husband’s children (aka stepmom). Not enough attention is given to this loving, complicated role. Heather was sweet and refreshingly passionate about her work.
  14. Brandhyze Stanelywww.frugal-nomics.com – She was one of my absolute FAVES. We sat together in a brand-blogger connection session and not only was she one of the most memorable meets, but her website is absolutely incredible! Check out her DIY tips and all things resourceful-living.
  15. Cindy Andrzejewskiwww.cute-ecakes.com – Um. Another absolute FAVE. This mom of 3 looks like she could have been in her early 20s. Energetic, intelligent, gorgeous.. I wish we could have kept talkin’! In addition to the popluar lifestyle ecakes blog, she also has ultimatebaby-shower.com AND mvmgroups.com. (And juggles 3 kids? Who are YOU, superwoman!?)

Other bad ass women I met

  1. Jenn from Shopcadewww.shopcade.com This girl and I met day 2, around lunch, and spent the entire day together meeting people. She’s a brilliant woman and I hope to get her and her company on here ASAP (did I hear a feature?) The website is awesome, like an e-commerce pinterest. You shop, recommend and get rewarded. Give it a shot – it’s kind of awesome.
  2. Heather Sky McField – (link to be updated) – Met this chick at the private party.. and DAMN can I just say, ambitious, inspirational, and all around magnetic? I hope to update her company link because she really needs to be recognized. I can’t wait to bring her on board for our first event.
  3. Sherri Langburtwww.singleeditionmedia.com – This woman’s a powerhouse. If you’re in the sex, dating, and relationship blogger realm, you’ve probably heard of Single Edition – Sherri is the founder and president of the company. I will also be begging to get a feature on her.

I met some other bloggers at the conference – but the truth is, all they wanted was to exchange cards and get their name out (can you blame ’em?) The ones who made this list were women who actually stopped, chatted, and were excited to hear about The Indie Chicks and our message. I encourage everyone to attend these conferences and get to know women loving and doing what you love and do! It was my first.. and as outgoing and social as I pride myself to be, putting myself out of my comfort zone and listening to other women’s stories was exhilarating. There is so much magic, so much passion, so much brilliance out there, we are thrilled to be a part of the blogging revolution.


Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara is the Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc. She's a published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, and is working on her second book, But First, Me. You can find out more about her by visiting her website, or can email her to get in touch.

  1. Chiara, THANK you!! =) As the single most memorable person I met during my time in NY this year, and the single most inspirational, I was literally thrilled. To your bad ass fans- after being lucky enough to meet Chiara in person, I assure you that there are nothing but good things to come, as her passion and energy is powerful enough to move through your screen, and her intelligence and motivation could inspire all walks of life!

    1. This was literally the sweetest comment, ever. Thank you for your kind words, Cindy! :) It was seriously a pleasure meeting you – and I’m glad that cab driver screamed something crazy to you so we could start chatting. Add me on Facebook!

  2. I just came across this (I know, I’m extra late) LOL. But thank you so very much Chiara–can’t forget you girl! I REALLY appreciate the S/O and commend you all at theindiechicks for doing your thing in a big and FABULOUS way. Keep up the amazing work!


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