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Link-Up Saturday: Our Links + Your Links

Time for Link-up Saturday! We know you’re a busy little badass, but that shouldn’t mean missing out on articles you love every week, should it?  We’re putting together this week’s best reads for you so you don’t have to go…


Readers, Help! He Called My BFF HOT!

“I am at a total loss of words. Like, I don’t even know how to react right now because we’re all going on a trip next weekend and I just can’t even think about us all in the same place….

are you proud

Are You Proud?

Are you a stay at home mother? Are you a blogger? Do you do beauty/fashion videos? Do you go to school, work as a server, have a corner office, drive a beater, drive a BMW, rent a house, own a…


Rules of Casual Relationships

A lot more women are taking control of their love lives because not everyone has the time or energy required to maintain a relationship. I am among those women. I’ve had my share of casual romantic relationships in my time…

single mom

Badass Momma: Busting Single Mom Myths

Lately, every magazine I’ve read is chock-full of articles and stories on why being single rocks and how to embrace your single self. It’s socially acceptable for a woman to live her own life and NOT be focused on finding…

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When Dudes Cry

I’m a dude. Being a dude, I really shouldn’t admit to crying. And quite honestly, I don’t cry too often. I can only remember crying when my grandmother, grandfather, and Best Buddy, Jarrod, died. But that’s it. Oh wait. I…