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Dreaming Is a Form of Planning

Dreaming is a beautiful thing. I’ve heard it said that the world doesn’t need more dreamers- it needs doers. Yeah, I see your point, but I call bullshit. The world needs dreamers. It needs people with their head in the … Read More

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Confessions Vol83

“I’m pretty sure my house is haunted. My sister slept over and said that she heard voices in the middle of the night. I told her she probably had a weird dream but then my boyfriend and I were woken … Read More

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Low Self Esteem and Your Career

I have loved building a small business, and have invested hours, time, and money that I will never get back. Whether the business succeeds or not. The same goes for those trying to climb the corporate ladder. I remember spending … Read More

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Embrace Your Inner Submissive

Due to the recent popularity of the Fifty Shades books, the once taboo and underground D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle has been brought to the surface and into the light of popularity. Of course with popularity comes misunderstanding. Contrary to some popular opinions, … Read More

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Fat to Fit

My heart was pounding; the butterflies in my stomach were almost too much for me to bear. Was this a panic attack? No, it was just extreme nerves… I always got like this when the parking lot was “too full.” … Read More